Ya'axché Conservation Trust

Board of directors

The Board of Directors governs Ya'axché and makes decisions about the strategic direction of the organization. The Board includes members that bring particular expertise (e.g. law, finance, fundraising), as well as representatives from three local villages, who are elected by their communities. The organizational structure of Ya'axché can be seen illustrated in an organigram.
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Javier Chan (Chairman)
Javier Chan holds a LL.B. degree from the University of Gayana. He has worked in various capacities with the Government of Belize and most recently as Lands Inspector and Administrator. Javier is currently studying in Kingston, Jamaica where he is finishing up his law degree.

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Nicky Jenner (FFI)
Nicky has a PhD in Biodiversity Management from the University of Kent and London’s Institute of Zoology in the UK and has over 10 years experience in research and conservation, working mainly in East and southern Africa and Latin America. Nicky currently works with Fauna & Flora International, Ya’axché’s long term partner, and brings to the Board expertise in fundraising, sustainable development and systematic conservation planning.

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Alfonso Cal
Representative from Golden Stream village. Alfonso is a highly respected Maya leader and one of the founder of Ya’axché, in the past he has held both the position of Alcalde and Chairman of his community. He is a farmer and an indigenous rights activist. He currently is the chairperson for the Toldedo Alcalde Association (TAA).

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Cesario Tut
Representative from Trio village.

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Adriano Mas
Representative from Indian Creek village. Adriano is presently the Alcalde and works full-time as a farmer and care-taker of Nim Li Punit Archaelogical Site. He has worked as a ranger and site guide for a lodge.