Ya'axché Conservation Trust

Golden Stream Corridor Preserve

Forming a strategic, biological corridor that stretches from the Maya Mountains to the coastal mangrove forests of Belize's southern coast, the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve (GSCP) plays a critical role in protecting the Golden Stream watershed and reducing negative impacts on Port Honduras Marine Reserve.

Seventeen major ecosystems have been identified within GSCP

The 15,000-acre preserve is owned and managed by Ya'axché. In addition to its role as a biological corridor, the preserve is home to 17 identified major ecosystems, with these containing hundreds of plant species as well as 19 amphibian, 270 bird, 20 fish, 59 mammal and 54 reptile species. The protected area houses Ya'axché's field centre which provides accommodation and office facilities for our rangers, guests and volunteers.

The Ya'axché field center is located in the northern part of GSCP, along the southern highway. | Photo: Erik Hammar.

There are several communities around the preserve. In line with its integrated landscape management approach, Ya'axché actively encourages local communities to utilize selected forest resources in a sustainable and permitted manner and provides educational resources to explain how and why they should practice those methods.