Ya'axché Conservation Trust

Integrated Landscape Management

Integrated Landscape Management (ILM) is the practice of planning how land will be used and resources will be managed in the most efficient and sustainable manner. It is a mechanism for applying sustainable development to land and resource use through integration among the stages of decision makers, integration across sectors and land uses, and integration over time and space. ILM embraces a state of balance in which use, conservation and protection are applied appropriately and at the correct scale.

The objective of ILM is to enable decision makers, and society as a whole to set and achieve landscape level objectives for sustainable development including sustainable ecosystems.

Ya’axché implements the principles of ILM across the Maya Golden Landscape and shares the lessons learnt and successes with others in Belize and beyond. Activities of Ya’axché’s strategic programmatic areas, Community Outreach and Livelihoods (COL) and Protected Areas Management (PAM) are interwoven together to achieve the goals of ILM.

Ya'axché promotes mixed cropping or polyculture where several crops are grown together in the same plot. This system has many benefits over monoculture, one being improved biological control of pests. | Photo: Erik Hammar.