Collaborate with us in working toward a shared vision

Partnerships allow us to have a greater impact. Without strong partnerships, our reach and impact would be limited and the many ecosystem services the country enjoys – food, recreation and tourism opportunities, medicines, homes for wildlife, clean air and water – would be jeopardized.

Ya’axché has been able to develop strong partnerships with government, non-profit organizations, and other conservation focused groups, in country and abroad. We collaborate with our partners in many ways and, with their support, we have managed to successfully implement various projects and programs.

A very good example of a successful longstanding partnership is the one we have with the world’s oldest conservation organisation, Fauna & Flora International, who has been working with us since 1998.

We also partner with local organizations such as Toledo Institute for Development and Environment, Belize Audubon Society, Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management, on multiple initiatives.

There are many ways to help us expand our conservation impact, partner with an incredible organization, Ya’axché Conservation Trust. Contact us!

Below are our partners:

Belize Association for Private Protected Areas
Belize Audubon Society
Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education
Belize Defence Force
Colorado State University
Fauna and Flora International
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Environment, and Sustainable Development
Maya Mountain Cacao
Maya Mountain Research Farm
Penn International Impact Consulting
Protectors of the Last Corridor
Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management
Toledo Institute for Development and Environment
Trio Farmers Cacao Growers Association
University of Belize – Environmental Research Institute



Thanks for making our vision possible!


Thanks for investing in conservation of the MGL!