Our Sustainable Financing Initiative

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Welcome to Ya’axché Institute for Conservation Education, the business arm of Ya’axché Conservation Trust.

Ya’axché Institute for Conservation Education is the business initiative under Ya’axché Conservation Trust with a mission to balance nature and human development for the benefit of both.

Both EcoTourism Belize and the Nursery fall under Ya’axché Institute for Conservation Education’s (YICE) purview.

EcoTourism Belize (ETB) provides ecotours and experiences, educational programs and volunteer opportunities to a wide range of participants that allows them to experience nature and culture as it was meant to be while supporting conservation and community development. ETB also helps independent tour operators reach a wider audience, assists local communities to sell their products and reinvests all profits in conservation. Because of Ya’axché’s history and work within the Maya Golden Landscape, ETB has strong ties to the community and an existing network of stakeholders.

Lead guide Rosendo Coy show the Xate palm on our trails | Photo: Erin Hicks

ETB offers several tours including Birds of Belize, Maya Culture Experience and an EcoFarm Tour. One of our most popular tours is Ranger for a Day hike. This tour provides participants with the opportunity to experience the Belizean jungle alongside a local Maya Ranger. Participants are part of an official Ya’axché ranger patrol of the 15,441 acre Golden Stream Corridor Preserve and can play a vital role in the protection of this vital forest corridor. As an honorary Ranger for the Day, participants contribute to the daily wildlife logs; record key species of mammals and birds along the riverside trail and learn how our rangers detect signs of illegal hunting and fishing.

Another program under YICE is the Nursery. The Nursery is dedicated to continuously supply customers in the Toledo District with a variety of top quality, healthy, organic regular and grafted seedlings in a state of the art nursery setting with exceptional customer service; where well-trained employees and management utilize their skills and knowledge to answer questions and provide professional services with expertise.

Our tree nursery located at our field station at Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. | Photo: Kevin Wells

All income from these programs directly support community development, biodiversity conservation and protected area management in southern Belize provided by Ya’axché Conservation Trust.

We encourage you to contact us and support these programs while experiencing and learning about the beauty within and surrounding the jungle by participating in a tour or perusing our nursery. Please contact us at [email protected], message us on Facebook or call us at 722-0108 for more information.

Join us on an adventure with EcoTourism Belize. | Photo: Maximiliano Caal

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